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Client:  The Estate Group

Project Name:  Corporate Identity

Medium:  Mailer → Website → Print brochure

It’s tricky writing anything about death without sounding timid or gloomy. But it can be done.


The Estate Group serves the executors of wills in practical ways that, for grieving relatives, are also compassionate. The company coordinates a range of services, from repairing and selling the house to appraising the antiques left behind when someone dies. My challenge was to craft materials on this sensitive topic for a diverse audience.


My series of mailers for estate attorneys featured humorous nods to the logistical nightmares of estate administration. The trifold brochure took a more straightforward approach. The website had the broadest reach, including faith leaders, counselors, and friends and relatives of the deceased. I focused my web content on the many ways The Estate Group can relieve executors from the sorrow and stress of their task.      

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