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Client:  Nationwide Financial

Project Name:  M&T Product Kit (pilot)

Medium:  Print

More than any other, this project gave me the confidence to write outside my comfort zone.


As a marketing writer for Nationwide Financial, I learned a lot by analyzing content I was tasked with editing. In the process, I asked questions, problem-solved with Compliance, and earned a reputation for clear, customer-focused writing.     


This piece originated as a folder full of outdated information about a complex retirement investment. “User-friendly” was the last word you’d use to describe it. I was challenged to transform the kit into a text-light brochure that would educate investors about retirement savings, explain annuities in general and that one in particular, and include sign-up forms at the end.       


I used benefit-focused headlines and subheads to lead my readers deeper into the topic. Each sub-section fit on a single spread with strategically placed charts and graphs. I worked hard with Compliance to simplify the language and make it both smart and fun.  

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